Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I have to say that I am almost jumping out of my chair in excitement, I leave for Costa Rica Friday!! I have to put this in here for all those people out there who have had bad experiences with travel/volunteer organizations, Cross-Cultural Solutions is truly amazing! The people that I have worked with (Whitney, Lauren!) have made me feel so safe and have really taken this trip to the nth degree for me, I have enjoyed just planning it! I remember going on the People to People Europe program to England and France and although PTP is a wonderful program, they looked at me as a liability issue and certainly not as an intelligent youth. I went with 20 of my peers and quite frankly felt like herded sheep getting a history lesson. So coming from PTP to Cross Cultural Solutions is like a 360.
I got my placement for when I'm in Cartago, first i'm working in a nursing home for the elderly, I'm really excited about hearing about their lives if they can tell them and if i can brush up on my Spanish! Then I'm off to a Special Education School, one of the largest on Costa Rica i hear. I can't wait to compare the different programs that i will be able to see there and bringing it back to America. I am also facinated in how the disabled are treated and what services are available in Costa Rica.
I have been reading the CCS manual and they talk a great deal about the psychological impact of volunteering abroad, there were 4 stages; flight, dependency, fight and adaption. I do hope i get to adaption rather quickly!! I am probably most worried about how well i'll adapt to the daily life and routine. But again CCS has set up exactly what i have needed, like shower chairs, bars, ramps etc. it's so lovely!!
I just wanted to thank all my friends and family, if you ever read this, for the financial and emotional support, I love you all and remember give my poor Mum lots of hugs next time you see her (she'll be home with Emma, alone!!) :-P


Blogger Jack&DoreenCanada said...

HI Megan
Words of envy from Doreen % Jack in Canada where it is cold and snowy..We are follawing wit great interst and wish we were there in the warnth and sun shine giving a hand like you......Jack

11:35 AM  
Blogger Jack&DoreenCanada said...

Looks like I can't spell. We need more girls like you and Emma to keep us old guys on the right track. Hoping to get to California in the late fall or early spring and find out if you did bring a friend home for Emma.jack

11:41 AM  

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