Tuesday, January 10, 2006

OK, this is the last time I change my destination, I promise! I am now going to Costa Rica, due to the avian flu in Asia and the never ending inaccessability I decided the warm and tropical coasts of Central America will suit me fine. It will be the same volunteer program and I will still be able to stay for three months. I leave in three weeks on Feb. 4th so I'm running, more wheeling, around getting vaccinations and anything that I think I can't live without. My lovely mother is being so supportive and offered to pay for half of the trip for my graduation present, though I do want to be able to pay for it fully. I have only three days to be a totally twitty high schooler, then I am officially a college student and supposedly equiped with all the neccessary skills to make it on my own, (yeah).
I'm going to have to get used to driving my other chair since it's back wheel drive, seriously, it's like driving a stick shift and then going to automatic, it can be dangerous especially for those around me!
My arm is sore from my Tetnus shot, supposedly I only have to get Malaria if I go to the rural areas so thankfully I was spared that one. Also, for anyone going there, they say you need typhoid and yellow fever but really it's not neccessary, according to my doctor.
Well, don't hold me to anything until I'm on the plane, then you'll really know what country I'm going to!


Blogger Melissa said...

I just sent you some information on Costa Rica!

1:24 PM  
Blogger Melissa said...

Megan, please post on your recent trip to Paris when you get a chance. How is the planning for Costa Rica going?

12:11 PM  

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