Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Emma i have to say that i am quite amused with your narotic emails, I am so so glad i`m related to you mi chica! I absolutly love everyone elses sane comments, it keeps me from forgetting home!!
I am wearing a Ticas Y Nicas shirt that i bought this weekend, i guess i can`t help myself from getting involved in some kind of politcal movement. From what i have learned the Nicuraguans represent one fourth of the pop, of Costa Rica and there is major descrimination and reminds me much of California and Mexicans, Doing my part to create as much trouble as possible!
Very sad day today, heard Adrians contract is up on Friday and he`s going back to San Jose, But i think i`m spending the weekend i fly to Peru in San Jose so I`ll see him then but yo esta muy triste.
Went offroading today up in Talanapi, a rainforest near Cartago, came back looking like a drowned rat in three feet on mud. Yeah, i looked real hot. But had a great time. Phillip is always so worried i`m going to fly off a cliff so he almost sits in my lap when i drive, a little awkward since he`s 6`5. The rainforest was picturesque and got to see numerous waterfalls, there were liitle trails that took you to the most amazing little canopy beds, Didn`t see much wildlife though.
I think i am definently getting used to Costa Rican life, i seem to be eating to much and losing everything i learned for the past four years. Going to be really well prepared for college!!! Life is really like the saying ^pura Vida^
By the way Mummy i finally figured out what your time schedule is based on, it`s Tico Time, at least an hour late to everything!!! Just kidding, love you lots.
Going to Aurita this weekend with Mark and Jess, my house mates, a very small beach town on the pacific, hopefully it will be quiet and not to many fiestas.
It has been really interesting at my placement the past few days, i`ve had to talk with the parents of the children alone and in spanish, it gets quite amusing! The lack of services and money these parents recieve is astonishing. Most don`t own a wheelchair for their child and are completely unable to get required surgeries. I also realized how socially unaware they are about the abilities of their children, one girl who has mild cerbral palsy and mentally fine, is shut up in a classroom learning to match pictures at the age of 9. I know that i do not know the complete picture but definently hits a hot spot for me. All the mothers that i talk to think that you are insane, mum, kicking me out at 17 with a disability, how could you?!! ; ) Heard your renting out my room too, eh, definently makes me feel like coming home!!

Love to all


Blogger Mary and Debbie said...

Hi Megan,
We are testing the blog.

1:51 PM  
Blogger Betty & Russ said...

Hi Megan,

Finally figured out how to get to this point. We're keeping track of you and know that you are having a wonderful time even though everyone misses you.

Betty * Russ

6:46 PM  
Blogger Melissa said...

Can you tell me what has been the hardest part of this experience so far and what has been the best(in a post please).

9:34 AM  

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