Monday, February 20, 2006

hello everyone,
hope everything is going well back home, sounds like my room is going to be quite empty when i return, Emma!! I had to say goodbye to all my lovely friends at the nursing home Friday, i was quite surprised at how attatched i got to them all. It was amazing to me how an elderly home with absolutly no money and basically running on volunteers could be so loving and be such a wonderful environment. I found it quite entertaining how most of the male staff looked like they could ride harleys, yet they were the ones who made the women up and painted their nails. One guy took Hortencia, a elderly woman with downs, onto his lap and read her Winnie the Pooh in Spanish, definently somthing you never see here!!!
Today i went to the Special Education school and found it quite ironic how after all these years of hating physical therepists i am now helping to torture the poor children!! I do believe i am slightly more enlightened to the benifits of PT yet it does not quite take away 13 years of psychotic Physical Therepists`s. I was extremely surprised at the lack of resources these parents have, children can only get physical therapy maybe once a week if their lucky and the parents have to pay extrodinate amounts of money for equipment. They were quite shocked that i was here alone and that i was going to go to college, usually the children are kept at home for the parents lifespan and then institutionalized. Even the physically disabled are seperated from the ^normal^kids. I am going to counseling with the parents tommorrow to just speak about the possibilities of programs that could allow the kids to live independently and also a bit about my life. Sounds really great.
Spent the weekend with Adrian and Phillip, had the greatest time. Adrian took me to San Jose`s museums and art gallerys. The contemporary art was comperable with the one in San Fran but unfortunently they had no pictures of waste managment cans, how disappointing!! We had a really really good time at the Papaya Fest, it was a huge concert in the middle of San Jose. My favorite was Perrozompopo, a nicuraguan band, mostly rock but some reggae. Adrian is the greatest dancer, he supposedly does ballet and modern at the National dance studio. Things you learn about people when your with them long enough!

Love you all!!


Blogger Emma Smith said...

Hey Megan,
I have a completely insignificant goal to be the first one to comment on your blog for the next 2 months or so. I am afraid that my comment will not as enertaining(?)as usual. I am not functioning as well as I have in the past and the large cup of coffee I had 4 hours ago has not yet worn off. All my muscles are a bit twitchy and my room looks insane. I have some incredibly exciting news, no it has nothing to do with your 12,000$ a year scholarship to mills, it is far more important and exciting(as if I wasn't already twitchy enough). I have made an excellent discovery! (It wasn't actually me, but grandmother and mumsy were not so enthusiastic about it) I have found a 5 pound and 7 inch thick...wait for it........wait some more.......this is so fantastic!.........DICTIONARY!!! It also has some pretty, colorful maps in the back, and includes " 2,347 pages, thumb indexed 320,000 definitions 19 encyclopedic supplements 3,000 illustrations Full-color maps of the world" in addition to being very large and heavy. How pathetic I must be when the most exciting thing that has happened to me in months is finding the ridiculously large, "Webster's New Universal UNABRIDGED(key word my friend)Dictionary"!!! I will not linger on this complete and utter proof that I am a massive geek. Although the word "geek" is a pretty fantastic word. But it should be mentioned that I am without a doubt considered a geek by quite a few people for one of my teachers has named me so.(Frazier may have had good reason though, she caught me in the teachers hall area, very sneakily listening to a "student teacher's" world history lecture. It was very good!) I have added to my long term goals list, the goal is to learn ti use every word in this new fabulously giganto (new word from THE DICTIONARY)dictionary. There was a 10 minute period in between "fabulously" and "giganto" because I had to consult THE DICTIONARY(I should name it, hows Gregory?)on whether or not "gigantomous" is a word, it turns out that it is not. I think I finally just figured out that the reason I am twitchy may be because my window is open, and since it snowed yesterday and the snow is not yet melted it is a bit chilly. I believe i am suffering from "tetanic muscle contractions" or shivering. I can't quite remember if that is what it is called, I will now consult Gregory. I would get my Anatomy book but it is on the other side of my room and I don't really like it anyways. I would really like to hear about your little trip with the boys {or men maybe? :)} but I believe their may be some interesting things that are too exciting to mention to our relatives (and aquaintances) delicate ears. Right, I shall be going and I promise to write a less neurotic email soon. It is the coffee, snow and lack of sleep. Oh, and Alexis' dinner thing I did went well. (you have no idea what I am talking about, do you?)Cheers Darling. Emma

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Blogger Chris Motley said...


Emma finally sent me instructions on how to reply here--I had sent you an e-mail and another response, but I'm not sure either of them got to you. Your experience is sounding extraordinary in every way: the human connections you are making, the ridiculous riches of nature, the enlightened and the not-so-enlightened differences between Costa Rican culture and ours on issues regarding the disabled (and lots of other issues.)

How is your Spanish coming, querida? Can you follow conversations better now? More important, can you track the plots of telenovelas on Costa Rican TV (this, we all know, was the main objective of your visit.) Do you now know the Spanish for "I may be in a wheelchair, but I can still kick butt"? Because that's what you are doing, my dear. Keep on kickin', keep on writing, and take a few pictures for your boring gringo friends in El Norte.



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