Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I just have to say this for Ann and Ana, Costa Rica has just installed a brailled and audio voting machine in every voting poll. I find it quite remarkable that the US still is totally incompetent in that area.
Sorry for the little note, but Costa Rica just held their elections and i beleive they still don`t know who won, but most likely the one with the most money!
We had a Valentines dance at the nursing home today, they were getting pretty frisky i have to say. The women and i made cards for all of their dead husbands and judging from the black hearts and flowers they didn`t like their husbands too much. I also tried to do their make up, it was interesting how it came out a lot different than i imagined... But the danced to old ranchero type music and it was the coolest valentines day.
I had the greatest weekend, a group of us went up to the Arrenal volcano and we took a safari boat ride up through the River frio, it was amazing. we actually saw a albino monkey supposedly this kind of mutation happens only once a few hundred years so we were fortunate , wwe also saw camens which are crocidile type creatures, and sloths which remind me of a few people in my family. :P The guide was so nice and i actually left my wheelchair at the hotel and he carried me everywhere. It was nice for the day but it could definently get old with my independence complex and everything. The town that we stayed in had a huge carnival and the whole town of Fortuna was swimming in beer and people screaming with Costa Rican rock music blaring. Yeah i stayed at the hotel that night, my wheechairs electrics are not fond of beer. The roads and sidewalks are horrible but i can always get across curbs because of the little pathways over the sewers, conveinent but not so lovely. Then we went Canopy touring, it was a blast. I felt horrible for the poor guy who carried me all the way up to the first zip line, i was worried i was going to kill him, but i figured out that somehow men like to show their manliness by almost passing out with exhaustion, but it worked for me and i went on 12 lines through the rainforest. It was so gorgous and i went over this massive waterfall, it`s so much better than in pictures. There were tucans and parrots flying about beneath me. It was incredible. There was this one line that went for half a mile and you got to see straight out to the volcano, with the smoke rising and the rainforest around it. The actual canopy tour is not accessable what so ever but if you don`t mind being carried by some costa rican men you`ll do fine.
I`m still with Adrian the nicest guy ive met, he actually helped put the make up on the women today and is quite good at it so i think he has that duty tomorrow. The people here especially the men are so loving and warm, it is still a partiarcal society but it seems the women are repected more. I know when i go around town alone all these guys are right there to help me and are actually sincere about it. I don`t know Mum, i may not be coming home alone! Tou do still have the bed and breakfast right?
Love everyone and love to hear from you all.


Blogger Emma Smith said...

Oh my dear Megan,
If you happen to come home without a Costa Rican man I'm afraid i am going to have to keep sending you to different countries until you get the idea and start bringing home attractive foreigners. I want a new one every 3 months, from a different country for the duration of my highschool career. which should not be too long if I can help. I've got the Germans and Italians covered ( no need for them) but I must say I am getting rather bored. No matter how unevolved the american teenage boys are, they still have the ability to be entertaining (a bit like monkeys, except they generally don't bite). But recently they have lost theior last and only ability to entertain me. Not that you want to hear the dull details of the drudgery of my life but I will be babysitting for Minch tommorrow, than I will be going to dinner with Alexis adn family and friends for her 16th birthday. Valentines Day seemed to have been quite enjoyable for you, i really like the sound of these old ladies, black hearts are totally up my alley. You should try to get some gossip on them and tell me if any of them happened to have a hand in their hubbies death,that would very interesting. I unfortunatly was witness to the drooling and groping performances of my excellent classmates on this very special day. By the way I didn't appreciate the insinuating comment about family members who seemed to act in a way similar to sloths. If comments like that continue i may have to take another trip to your bedroom and perhaps conviently lose some of your things. Not that you'll need them, I am in serious doubt about whether or not you will be coming home. Thank god mumsy doesn't know that, she is becoming slightly compulsive. Anyways, love you my dear and please don't die. Ciao.

8:09 PM  
Blogger Grandma said...

Hi Megan

5:44 PM  
Blogger Grandma said...

Dear Megan,
We have certainly been enjoying your adventures in Cost Rica. Sounds like this is everything you had hoped for. Busy here at Mumsy's. Working on the coversion and Mumsy is trying to keep up with replies from the colleges you had applied for and the maze of Medicare. We have to keep her calm with lots of Grandpas wine. We are all well. Miss you terribly. Keep the blog going and take care of yourself. Love Grandma and Grandpa.

8:15 AM  
Blogger jack said...

Hi there Megan ...
This is Doreen and Jack from Canada
We are following you with GREAT interest and hope all is well with you and let you know that it is 10 below degrees f.and windy as all get out so we are staying in today...Glad to hear you are not pg Ho Ho. Looks like Emma is looking for a husband already.....Cheers...Jack

5:20 PM  
Blogger jack said...

Hi there from canada where the temp. is -10 below f. We are following your adventures with great interest..Please stay single till you get home(ho ho) We wish you the best.....Jack & Doreen

5:24 PM  
Blogger jack said...

Sorry bout the second message ,,, just learning about this BLOG stuff

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Blogger mary said...

Hi Megan!

I am so enjoying your adventures....keep posting...Its almos t like I am there too..Love, Mary

7:31 PM  
Blogger Mom said...


Give me a call as I have some more good news about Mills College.
Love you.

8:07 AM  
Blogger Sovahn said...

Hey there big city gal, i am going to post this VIA direct assistance from Emma, like your family does. Seems like nothing is going through either yahoo, hotmail or blog comments. Lot's of us were having trouble getting through, except for that pesky sister of yours. Gotta love her!

Glad to hear that establishments in Peru will be more accesible to you. Even though your heart is still in Costa Rica, your knowledge of the people and places of the world will expand and memories will be richer. Though i can see how you would resonate with the people of Costa Rica. There is such a familial attiude with life and a simpler attitude about basic necessities, it shifts our perspective about what we truly need. You can feel your own rhytym. This is one of the many things i love about Mexico.
Yet i do recall how excited you were when you returned from Europe, how ready you were to visit anyplace you could get to, as well, i understand that wonderlust.
So as Mr. Miagi says, "Go, find the balance".

Don't worry, no one thinks your narcisitic, we anticipate your letters, and love them, and you.

Previous email.

Hi Megan,

Finally got Emma to school me on communicating, via the "blog". Sounds like some sci-fi teleport system.

Sunny Costa Rica is a world apart from the late winter we have been having here. Snow four times in 2 weeks. Bet you are glad to be cruising in a lush warm land.

Some of your experiences sound like dreams come true. Riding on a zip line, i must say, is something i never pictured in your life.

Your friends and aquaintances must truly be fond of your adventurous spirit and gracious heart. Am sure it will be sad to leave them, but you could always return there.
It seems like your job gives you and others many new thoughts to consider on the lives of dasabled people. I have never been to Peru so iam curious what your impressions will be.

Had i told you before you left that i began Tai Chi classes? I am becoming familiar enough with the beginning form that it has begun to flow into a moving meditation. wh ich is a good way for me to meditate, as you know i don not sit still to often.

Attended the Chinese celebrations which took place in Marysville this weekend. It is their very own time to welcome in the new year because they give thanks, on the appropriate day, to the water god Bok Kai, for whom the temple there is dedicated. It is to protect them from the possible floods of the river that runs through town. Saturday was surprisingly clear weather
there, so the revelers and worshippers were out in abundance.

The parade dragon is 150 feet long with a very traditional, richly embellished, sparkling colorful head. Quite different than its ancestor that resides in the Bok Kai Temple, which is only open to the public during the weekend festivities.

The main room houses altars, banners, murals, and the architectural details are typical of the Joss temples in China. Prayers and offerings are made and the joss sticks are thrown to divine the year head, as in the I Ching hexagrams. Thick incense smoked filled the chamber and for a moment i was back in China! This temple is the oldest remaining in the US. It is in need of restoration and has just made the top ten list of the Historic Preservation / Restore America Foundation.

Back to the ancestral dragon head... There is a side room filled with antiquities set up on tables as there are cracks and leaks in the foundation wall. This old fellow is sculpted and torched metal, no color except for these enormous irridescant glass eye balls, you can see your reflection in when the light is right. Nadine accompanied me to the event. On the way out we passed by families picnicing in the park, and were invited to share in the food. Being a welcomed member of such events always adds a personal connection to the experience. something i am sure you are becoming aware of in your travels.

A short term group of Japanese students were here this week, but we could not host anyone as Bruce's brothers are all visiting.
Saw several students around town with their families, most of them looking pretty baffled about how to communicate.
You know the scenario, both past and present! Good luck with your parent conferences.

Give me a heads up if these post reaches you, it is my first test...
(could not get a sign up log in confirmed so trying hotmail for now, by the time you can access the emails there may be many duplicates!) )

Love you girl, Sovahn

4:50 PM  
Blogger Betty and Russ said...

Glad to hear you arrived in Peru safely. Anxiously awaiting more news of your adventures.

Miss you. Betty and Russ

11:27 AM  

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