Monday, February 27, 2006

Well I call this Hangover Monday in the Cartago house, it`s quite ridiculus how many of my house mates do not know when to stop on the weekends and they can`t even work on Monday. I think this has been the toughest part for me out of all the physical and emotional challenges, i thought that the people who i would live with would be some what more mature than my high school peers, but i was sadly mistaken. The country director is trying to send a couple home but they only have a week left. But really, why would you sign up for a program that you know you have to work at yet party the entire time. Sorry, i`m just a little pissed leaving my room that smells like moldy clothes and somthing i don`t even ask my roomates about...
But on the bright side i had a fabulously sober and relaxing weekend in Uvita. The most gorgous beach on the pacific, the town has a population of app. 200 and no tourists!!! We really roughed it and stayed in a Cabina for $4 a night, it actually wasn`t bad and it was right on the beach. I m officially in love with.... my wheelchair. i figured out how to take it on the sand and went racing across the shoreline, so beautiful and so much fun. The town had about three resturants and a couple bars and that was it, great food great coconut. Went with Mark, who was really great and carried me everywhere, or at least where i couldn`t get in. And Jess who is hilarious. It isd really interesting how this program is some what a microcosim of life. You are forced to build relationships with people you will only know for a week and then break them when they leave, and repeat this over and over. Creates a lot of tolerence.
My work placement is great, i really love volunteering in the special education class where there is three students. One little girl named Lucy is the most darling creature on earth! She also shares my dislike of therapist, girl after my own heart!
Javier and i have been having some interesting conversations, he wants to make me a brace for my arm and help me stretch everyday. I say perhaps not. I swear it like a compulsion for physical therapist to fix everything they see. That`s okay we get along otherwise, maybe because i don`t understand him but who knows! I love working with the kids with Downs, one girl is just like Sharri Ann and i absolutly love her, she drives the other teachers nuts though.
My friend Kate who just returned home posted some pictures so there are quite a few good ones there.
Go to and when it asks for a friends email type in there are a few files and click on the ones labled Costa Rica.
Love you all and love to hear from you


Blogger Emma Smith said...

It is very sad, I have been completely ignoring you. But that is a wonderfull part about being 15, you can be completely narcisistic and everyone says "thats all right, it is hard being a teenager" Mind you, the people saying this forgot their teenager years long ago. This goes right in line with a converstion mumsy and I had a few days ago, (I am only going to tell you my side of it......duh) She was talking about Susan (friend from childhood who died, remember)and I asked her what she did when she was 15 (unfortunately she didn't fall for that but it did bring the focus away from the fact I was stealing the remote) and she said she couldn't remember, SUPRISE! I have now come up with the theory that our childhood/teenagerhood is not remembered. This is because every youth is so self absorbed they have no clue as what anyone else is doing, so friends cannot help you remember, and then you forget. Anyway, pointless little paragraph. I am really likeing the sound of these friends of yours, Hopefully you will not cut off contact with them (as you did me)and remember to bring me back a Costa Rican Man. This weekend my little Japanese boytoy is coming. That'll be interesting. You know, considering the mass mailing I did to help people understand how to write comments on here I don't see very many. Buggers. The British and Canadian slang is definitely becoming more prevalent in my speech (thanks to Grandma). She acts like this sweet little British lady, but you should hear what she muttters under her breath, extrordinary! I suppose you will be going to Peru in about a week, you have only been gone a month and yet I have settled in to your absence so well. Wow, for about 5/8 of a second there I missed you, oh well it has passed. Anyrate, I have made a list of male names that I like, and since I will probaly not be having 8 sons, let alone 8 kids, I am going to name some dogs or cats. Or your kids, he he he. Here they are ( in order of favor) Darwin, Oscar, Arthur, William, Phillip, Charles, George, and Edward. Problem is, is that the all have horrid nicknames, Ed, Bill, Charlie, Art, Will, Georgey(or Georgina depending on how cruel you wish to be)and I am not sure how you shorten Oscar(Ozzie maybe? how humiliating) or Darwin. I suppose if I do have kids, and I really hate them, I call them by Ed and Ozzie. I am going to Berkeley for my conference next weekend, should be interesting. Oh with this I may finally make you jealous, alexis and I are planning a trip to Prague whilst we are in Germany. HEHEHE!! Love you my dear, DON'T LET THE MOSQUITOS EAT YOU!

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Blogger Melissa said...

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Blogger Melissa said...

Thanks for the pictures and being so dedicated to this blog project! Don't forget to sign up as a member of the Peer Network so you can help other people with disabilities find their perfect international experience

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