Sunday, March 05, 2006

And then there was one. It seems as if the shit hit the fan thursday, excuse the language, in the Cartago house. So it looks like i am flying solo for this next week, except for the staff. Thursday some of the volunteers got way out of control and well lets just say there were naked body parts and chocolat. All of this in front of Adrian and the poor nightgaurd who had no idea what was going on. Then friday morning Doña Flor, the housekeeper found bottles of vodka and tequila stashed in my room. As you may guess it was from my roomates.. wanted to get that clear. So when we all came home from work Jose the country director talked to all of the volunteers and gave them the option of going home, but some like my roomates were not given the option and basically forced to get out. Mark, Jess and I of course were in the clear since we have been watching all of this stuff happen the last few weeks, so both Mark and Jess reached the end of the program so Jess went to San Carlos and Mark to Spain. Lots of yelling and screaming occured and most blamed the staff, of course taking absolutly no reponsibility. The CCS staff were incredible and absolutly amazing in the way that they handled the situation, they even drove them all to San Jose so they ´wouldn´t have to pay for a taxi. Amazing after they all said F*** off to the driver Allan. Anyway, Mark, Jess and I felt horrible since that was CCS Cartago´s 2nd anniversary, so we bought streamers and balloons and decorated the house. Even bought a piñata. Great fun, and i still wake up to confetti in my bed.
I´m actually finding being alone in the house not so bad, Jose and Idioneth and i had ice cream and cookies, plus i get to use the laundry room, absolutly fantastic. Though i think the locals are going to miss laughing at a gringa dragging a garbage bag down the road to the laundretta. Also get to use the internet, so you will be hearing from me a bit more often. Plus at the risk of sounding totally concieted i find myself quite interesting to talk to : ).
My work placement is absolutly fantastic, i´m learning so much and find it facinating. This week i´m going to be cooking with one of the classes, still have to find a dish to make, possibly somthing that i can´t catch on fire. They are also having me teach disabled sexuality on Tuesday and Thursday, I have no idea where this came from, most likly Javier who i still won´t let practice therapy on. Told him i will let him do a physical therapy session on me if i get to practice this new Californian type of physical therapy on him. He laughed. Anyway, i get to talk to about 5 disabled students and their parents next week, in `Spanish, so they may leave enlightened or very very disturbed. Love working with the childen who have autism, they are great fun and it is facinating the way each childs mind looks at the same activity. The hardest class is the one with fully competent teenagers yet with severe physical disabilities. Maybe hits too close to home. But this week i am visiting Marianne at her house and hoipefully we will have a nice time, think i´ll bring music, watch some movies, talk about guapo ticos.
I am gathering resources for parents and Javier about possible organizations that give equipment, ie wheelchairs, communication devices, etc., and who can provide resources to the disabled in developing countries. If Barb or Melissa reads this, i was wondering if you had any idea where to look for this, you have both been so wonderful in helping me!
Also trying to wrap peoples head around the idea of independent living, though i have to say it fights against not only the mindset on people with disabilities but also the whole costa rican culture. Many of the staff here who are in their late 20´s early 30´s still live with their parents, so this is totally beyond anything they would discuss.
Leave for Peru in a week, i am having mixed feelings about it. I do believe i may get a little tired of talking to myself by then , but Cartago has really become my home. I have a favorite bakery, favorite coffee shop, the laundry lady knows me (as well as everyone on that road), and my favorite market. So it´s going to be hard to start all over again, though i am very intersested in Peruvian culture. Definently going to miss my friends here.
Well have to get back to stimulating conversation..
Love to all!


Blogger Dennis&Cati said...

Hi Megan,
It is great to be able to read about your adventures. It appears you are opening more than a few eyes in how they look at people who do not meet our social standards, way to go girl!! Praise the Lord even. We still miss your smiley face at the NCADD meeting. Keep up the good works and the high standard for who you are.
Love ya,
Dennis and Cati

8:49 AM  
Blogger Kater-pa-tater said...

MEG! I love reading this thing. I can't believe how crazy everything was! I KNEW that something would blow up. I feel terrible for our CCS friends. I hope you have a safe journey to Peru, you're going to love it. I have a great up your,Jess,and I should head to Australia and visit Mark! Hehe. Might be awhile. I'll have you know that you are so special to me that I created a blogspot just so I could comment! :) Please keep posting, I miss you lots. Ojala que tu estes muy feliz con Adrian y los otros Ticos en su ultimo fin de semana!

8:13 PM  
Blogger meg smith said...

Thank You so much Dennis y Cati, Miss you and hope NCADD is going well, hope the girls are wonderful and send my best wishes to them!. Love you all

10:21 AM  
Blogger meg smith said...

I loved hearing from you!! back to normal llife in the states i suppose!
Miss you lots and we definently have to show up on Marks doorstep, though he will be in China for a couple months so we have time!
Love you miss you
Twanis (pura vida)

10:24 AM  

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