Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hello everyone,
Having a great time here and have to say I got into every college i applied to with everyones help, which makes it so much better!!
I am still very homesick for Costa Rica but i think i have found my nicht here, I go to the market everyday and my housemates are quite interesting. I heard from my friend Jess who is in San Carlos, Costa Rica and she said that they kicked out another 4 people. I suppose that is what you get when spring break and a beach country are combined. The people here are in general a lot older and definently here for similar reasons, which do include the novel idea of volunteering. I have been so exhausted lately from the kids, plus i have bruises up and down my legs from restraining them. Today i got peed on, it was quite lovely with the heat. But I am getting quite close to the kids and the teachers there and hopefully we will be able to go on a fieldtrip soon, just to get a change of scenery.
Went to the street fair in Baranco, a neighboring district, it was very Peruvian and also ate cow heart. Very hot but very authentic, probably saw the cow walking to work.
Lima is definently a unique city. On the way to work there is a lookout area where you can see a large part of the city and it was very much like a Middle Eastern City. Lima is basically built on sand dunes and the houses are either shacks built up on the side of a hill or a mixture of mud and rock. Anyway you would probably have to see it to know what i{m blabbering on about.
Three weeks till the election and things are getting heated. Lourdes, one of the three top contendors, dropped 10 percent from 38 to 28% in a mere three days so it is looking like Alan Garcia, who was president in the 80{s, will actually win.
Kate- here is the address for Peru..hope to hear from you!
Bartolome Herrera N 183, Surco, Lima 33, Peru
and i hope everyone is doing well and love to hear from you, I can use my email so if it{s too dificult on the blog drop a line..
soleilmeg hotmail.com


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