Sunday, March 12, 2006

Arrived in Peru last night and am totally exhausted. Lima is huge!! Very built up as well. I am completely homesick for Costa Rica, i miss the staff and adrian so much, even the horrible sidewalks of Cartago. Lima is absolutly incredible in their accessability, it is completely flat and at least 90% of shops are accessible. Quite a change from Cartago where i was scaling mountains. The staff before i left gave me the most beautiful card and they all said good bye. Love them so much! Last thursday i visited Marianne and her family, it was really incredible how loving her family was. We had tea with the most delicous sweet breat and of course fabulous costa Rican coffee. Talked about a miriad of things, mostly about ticos. It was quite wonderful to go into an actual costa rican home, i think then i truly felt part of the culture. I realized my spanish has a costa rican accent to it and now that i speak spanish in Peru everyone looks at me very strangely so have to work on that. It was really hard to say good bye to Javier and the kids Friday. Though it was a perfect day. Got to crawl around on the floor after a little two year old, pretty sad that he out crawled me 90% of the time. Tought the sex ed. class on tuesday and thursday, that was interesting. My spanish held up well though used lots of sign lanuage. The parents we more open than i thought and the teenagers with disabilities knew a lot more than their parents thought so it was a great time.
Needless to say Costa Rica es mi hogar. (is my home).
I am enjoying Peru though it is hard to adjust to a completely new country after getting so attatched to another. The people here are wonderful, a lot older than the last group and mostly from the UK. My roomate Jade is also a wheelchair user and we are having a great time together. Though as we both have said , we hope we are not isolated from the group because we are the two disabled. But dont think either of us will let that happen. The staff is agin wonderful and tomorrow i will go see my volunteer placement. Again it will be at a Special education school so im very excited.
Its bloody boiling here though, its somewhere between 90 and 95 degrees and with 85 % humidity, so lots of agua.
Well anyrate, i hope everyones well and happy. love to hear about your lives. Feel quite narcasistic talking about myself all the time
Love you all


Blogger Sovahn said...

Hi Megan,
I am testing this on behalf of Sovahn.

4:47 PM  
Blogger Betty and Russ said...


This is another test for Betty.

8:06 PM  
Blogger Emma Smith said...

How sad meggy,
nobody actually writes anything to you, they just bother me to help them so they can test to see if they can. Well I am going to horrible and end my comment here. i am very near shooting myself, besides the fact i am a "tortured" teenager (how cliche) mumsy has again brought out the Jane Austen. Cannot believe we are actually watching Pride and Prejudice again. Think I may actually prefer to go study my world Cultures 7th grade perspective homework. Absolutely ridiculous. Anyrate, must go, getting tired of talking about myself. He He. Oh and how are you? {not that i care :)} Ciao

10:08 PM  
Blogger meg smith said...

Love ya too Emma, Say hi to everyone for me. Heard you had a great time in Berkeley, hope you keep up the UN program, sounds facinating, Love you

1:11 PM  

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