Thursday, March 02, 2006

See that everyone is ignoring me now except for my lovely narotic sister, who last time i knew her never wanted children, Ms minch what have you done with her?
Anyway i promise to reply individually now that the cafe is only 2 miles away and there are not too many dark allys to go into.
Had a rough day today, i was talking to a 15 year old girl named Marianne today in my class, she has cerebral palsy and is pretty spastic yet so so intelligent. We got on the subject of the future and what she wants from it and i realized how incredibly lucky i am. She truly is trapped in her body, she can see, smell, comprehend everything and yet she can`t quite reach the outside world. Everyone around her completely ignores her writing her off as an invalid and when they do listen they dimiss everything she says. I talked or pointed at letters and words for some time today and she wants a husband, family, sex as everyone else yet she has absolutly no hope of achieving those goals. Then i realized that i not only had hope but i took it as a known fact of life that i was going to achieve these things. If Marianne was born in the US she would have an opprotunity to be independent, and i feel that is the sadest part, that she can be so close to programs and services yet so far away.
Anyway, Javier is still trying to get me on the floor to do some physical therapy, you can guess my response. I enjoy him though, we are talking in French now, his english and my spanish combined creates conversations like.
Will you help me with her?
Yes it`s 10:00 in the morning
Really, thank you
Though i have not told him i was pregnant yet. So i`m making progress.

Adrian came back! For three days anyway, i`m spending the weekend with him in San Jose again, so that will be fun. It`s only going to be Phillip and i in the house next week, all the other volunteers left, For a joke Idioneth and Christina (the cooks) are going to lay out a candlelight dinner for the two of us because they have never onl cooked for two people before. Hopefully we will have a lot to talk about or i may have to get friendly with Don Santiago, the nightgaurd.
The culture here has really grown on me and even after only a month i see Cartago as home. The smells of rice and beans in the morning are going to be hard to leave. Everthing here is so wam and inviting not to mention calm, even going back to Grass Valley will be a culture shock. I`m getting quite brown and am already on >Tico Time, so i may have to stay a bit longer... ;) Leave for Peru on the 11, i am extremly excited get as said before i`m living the Pura Vida life in Costa Rica.
Todo mi amor


Blogger uncle nicky said...

A small whats this narotic you mean neurotic or narcotic or narcissim or what the hell you correcting my spelling hehe. You got one week left in Costa Rica you must get a fewv young men in town to strip down to loin cloths get 2 poles and strap a chair between the poles and there you go a personel Megan taxi and put the party people to shame. I bet you wish you took the trail mix great stuff for bartering with the locals if nothing else the albino monkey would have enjoyed. Had a great laugh about roommate living to bad I never took pictures or taped conversations about certain family members and clean rooms. On a serious note I am so proud of you and the experience you are getting in life. Take care Meggy Love Uncle Nicky!

4:37 PM  
Blogger meg smith said...

Thanks Uncle Nicky!
Maybe i´ll have better luck in _Peru with the whole men in loincloths thing!!! Still trying in Costa Rica though!

2:10 PM  
Blogger aminch said...

Honestly, I've done nothing to her. Really.

My kids are cute, though. And nice.

1:09 PM  

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