Friday, March 31, 2006

Well for the first time in two months traveling i have finally gotten sick. Believe it was the fault of the slightly smelly tuna, or maybe just the snotty kid i was holding the other day. Either way i was worshippìng the porcilen god for a few days.
Work is going well, only got stabbed and bitten once last week, making definent progress.
Planning a Macchu Picchu trip, which i have found is the most inaccessible place in Peru.
Sorry for the very brief update will add more soon, it`s pretty late here and walking around alone at night isn`t too appealing.


Blogger alice said...

Hi there Alice here from Scotland.

I am enjoying looking in on your adverture from time to time, but the white lettering on the black background is difficult to read for too long.

Have a great day!


5:30 AM  
Blogger Emma Smith said...

well megan, seems we have both been a bit lax on communication. glad to hear that the ferrel children have refrain from biting you too much this last week. bloody marvelous. i have found a fantastic cd, i have been looking for it for ages, it has been horribly difficult to locate. It is Arvo Part's Alina. Arvo part being the old(but not dead, that's rare!) german composer. Alina is the album. Remember that movie Heaven, it had Giovanni Ribici and Cate Blanchett, Italian, she blows up an elevator with a bomb meant for a drug dealer who sold drugs to her husband (that killed him)and her students, specifically the one became successfully suicidal. Anyrate, the music was great so i tracked it down, Yay emma! Back to you, i want to speak with you, actually i would prefer to be with you but since i am unable to i will settle for conversation. We got a second german student because it didn't work out with her family (i'll tell you about that later) so i now have not only your original replacement Lara, but teresa as well. I like them both and get along especially well with Lara, so that's good since i will invade her life for three weeks this summer. Not to remind oyu but you will be coming home in 26 days. HEHEHE. Actually sounds like a horror film, probaly is, 26 DAYS!!! Will probaly be a horror film for you, coming back to grass valley. If their was ever a name that suggested the past time activities of the people, or at least students, in a town it was grass valley. Stacey, Alexis' mother, calls it the marijuana depression. I dont think i spelled it right, no worries. So I will look for your next post (i don't give a shit how sick you are by the way)and love you darling.

12:25 PM  

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