Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hello all,
I hope Easter or Passover was great for everyone last weekend. It was strange to be away from family during a holiday but I still bought chocolate eggs so i guess if i couldn`t have the company i had the calories. We watched the huge processions in town which were interesting. A lot of the older generation still practices self-flagilation and it was hard to see them going up and down the streets. Because of Good Friday the schools had thursday and friday off so i went to work at the elderly home for a couple days. It was wonderful and the people are so lovely. Thursday I went to their homes with some of the other volunteers for some who can`t make it to the actual elderly center. It was definently enlightening to see how people really live in Villa, most have one room and a tin roof that barely covers half the room, luckily it never rains in Lima so its pretty functional. I realized half way through the home visits that my Spanish was really not that bad they just couldn`t understand me because they speak Quechuan, the native language of Peru. Tony the manager of the elderly home was quite amused watching me try and understand what i thought was spanish, oh i really thought i was going insane.
Speaking of language difficulties we have a woman in the house now that is completely deaf and mute. I am slowly regaining what sign language i knew and it is hilarious to watch us because for some reason when i sign i feel compelled to speak spanish to her, doesnt make any sense but there you go. For a joke when i was trying to translate a conversation for her from Spanish to English to Sign she responded in Spanish sign, so again i was totally lost and had for the most part way too many languages in my head. Well ill come back barely able to speak English, it`s quite clear i can`t write any more.
The kids were monsters today, so nothing unusual and they are all great. Trying to teach them colors and shapes, working on red tomorrow so making progress.
Will hopefully write sooner,
See you soon


Blogger Emma Smith said...

Hey Megan,
Glad your doing well, i shoul really be studying for the numerous tests i have to take this week, but instead i am writing on your blog. Lucky You. So what other adventures are you planning on having before you leave? I hope you have been taking pictures, i will be extremely pissed off if you haven't. I am currently working on a vocabulary book for Lara. Of course her English is so good I am doing an Obscure Word Vocabulary Book. Of course obscure is already in it. Some words I have come up with are, Lurking, obscene, impervious, viable, euphoria, foul, squabble, fowl (bird), indigenous and other ones I can't remember. If you come up with any please tell me them. A 20 word dictionary isn't particularly helpful. Well I must escape from the Hell Hole or I will be consumed with the hundreds of moronic teenagers. Love you, Emma

2:17 PM  
Blogger meg smith said...

Oh Emma,
Always so full of joy, glad you are taking up learning every obscure word in the English language. Not too many adventures left, but i a going paragliding this weekend, hopefully jumping off a cliff will be far more exhilerating than it is fatal. Can`t wait to see you!

1:21 PM  
Blogger Emma Smith said...

I hope that your jumping off a cliff is not fatal either. You sound full of joy, as well as sunshine, flowers, bunnies, and all manner of Happy and joyful things. Thankgod your not here, I would have to kill you. Natural human reaction, of course. I am going to San Francisco on the 28 with Fiends International. Oo, my bad, Friends International. Hell I could always start a pro terrorism club at the school, what a fitting name for it. Right then, Talk to you later ( or rather, talk about myself some more later since I am so consumed with jealousy I cannot even think about all the brilliantly fum things you are doing wihtout becoming severely depressed) See what you do to me? Love you dear, Emma

2:27 PM  
Blogger meg smith said...

Oh Emily,
How i miss your sarcasm, the only one here that can come close to it is a Scottish bartender, that is quite impressive.
And what kind of sister would i be if i didn`t torture you even when i am not there.....
Talk to you in a week

2:38 PM  
Blogger Emma Smith said...

hell megan,
i'm always up for a scottish bartender.:)Looks like Nepal may not be an option for my travels, all the craziness that dear old king gyanendra has started may prevent me from having safe travels. But India is definitely an option and a very attractive one at that. it is only 100 dollars more than Nepal total so not too bad. China is about 4000 dollars more, which is fairly significant. I am actually excited to see you in a week, actually 6 days. Organizing the trip to san francisco doesn;t look paricularly appealing but what can i do, bail out? Well of course I can! but I won't because I am a good person, no sniggering at that. OOH Sniggering is a good obscure word. Righto I shall go and do homework now,Love you lots dear, see you soon. Emma

10:34 AM  

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