Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Nothing like getting yelled at over a blog (Emma)! And Kate i just recieved your letter today, I was so so excited. Loved the pictures by the way and a letter for you should be arriving soon!
Well, havn´t written in a bit because i was in Huacachina and Nazca. Had the most incredibly fun time with Jade and David, (housemates). Huacachina is literally an oasis in the middle of the Peruvian desert, and surrounding it is these amazing sand dunes. We went sand duning and sand boarding, yes going down 100 foot dunes on a snowboard is the funnest thing i have ever done in my life! Really, if anyone comes to Peru, forget Machu Picchu, go sand duning, it is pure fun. Then the Nazca lines were next and we flew over them in a 4 passanger plane. The lines are supposedly 1000´s of years old and they are in shapes of animals and figures, they were quite amazing. Got air sick though, i swear the pilot did 360´s for 90% of the time.
It was actually interesting going with David because no other man would talk to either me or Jade. I went to check into the hotel with my passport and money and literally the owner asked me ¨where was my husband, I would rather speak to him on money issues.¨ Needless to say I would not leave and he had to deal with the disabled woman who has absolutly no idea what money is. That was better than a man asking Jade if she knew how to use the bloody key to our door.
Anyway, I realized that i havn´t written much about the kids in my class so i´ll go through quick intros..

Joshebeth- She is 5 years old with Downs and she is the most darling creature i know. Again like Sharri-Ann,she defies the stereotype of Downs in that she is a spitfire and refuses to do anything you tell her. Love her dearly nonetheless. >Her mother is very very young, I believe 20 and she has two more toddlers, but she is very loving and manages to do everything. Quite amazing.
Michel- Love him to death, he has a fixation with hair and if i let him he would bury his face in my hair all day long. Very cute, 6 years old with Downs. His mother is very very sweet and he loves Madonna.
Melany- She is 8 years old and i think she has autism. She is very difficult but as i realized she loves hugs and she will cooperate quite well given a gentler voice. Though i think she is being sexually abused, and that is where the behavioral problems stem from. Loves to have her hair done and loves James Blunt, like everyone else in South America!
Mario_ I have to say that i dont really think Mario has a disability other than not being able to speak and having ADD. He is very sweet when he actually sits down and very helpful if you give him direction. His father is great and he really cares about Mario, the only father in fact that i have met.
Mauro- Mauro to be quite honest is a kid that could warn me off ever having kids. He has severe austism but besides that he is spoiled to no end. At lunch he reminds me of Helen Keller with his sampling of every kids food. Though i have found Damien Rice puts him in a sort of a coma, it´s very strange but it works.
Roland- Another 5 year old with Downs who is very sweet but his mother is insane. She came in the other day yelling at Leslie (the teacher) and me for letting the other kids pull his hair. Seriously, he is in a class of 5 to 6 year olds, they are not going to sit quietly.
Well, there are a few others who either don´t come to school or who i really can´t write about but that is my lovely little class.
I really am starting to grow quite fond of them all. David thout i was insane this weekend when i wanted to get back early to see them.
All well,
Love all of you and can´t wait to see you all


Blogger Emma Smith said...

9 days is a long time to not write on this blog especially since it is one of the few things i enjoy. well i am not going to write anything very interesting so i might as well quit now. love ya, emma

5:08 PM  
Blogger meg smith said...

Thanks Em, feel the love eminating from you through your lovely notes...

12:28 PM  
Blogger Emma Smith said...

Trust me, lots of love eminating from this end of the blog. I've forgotten to update you on the little rats. They are doing quite well besides the fact they are rats. Easter coming up, no easter egg hunt especially since their are no little monsters to entertain, although because of mummy's do gooding we will be having Carlini for the night, Saturday night that is. Well that'll be fun. I have just dubbed U. Nicky "The Gnome". I am tired, so i will go to bed, ciao

12:25 AM  
Blogger uncle nicky said...

testing this for the gnome

12:31 AM  
Blogger uncle nicky said...

Hah hah it works again, Emma fixed it for me so I can log in to this again instead of osmosis. Sand dune surfing sounds like something I would do maybe they got bungie jumping somewhere in Peru or better yet jumping out of perfectly good airplanes. Chating with Emma she wants to go to Nepal or India. Yum good drugs and incense or a Yeti sighting maybe even Nazi thugs (Raiders of the lost Ark). Is it not lovely that the spam scum of the internet actually read peoples blogs to find more victims, it is amazing. Seems Collete is coming to stay the night (downs and Turette) should be interesting since I am a newbie to most of this stuff. Going to your Aunt Jackie for brunch tomorrow then a bunch of them off to a play, ack 25 bucks too rich for me, so me and sis will spend time together. Your ma is outside painting but not sure how much is going on the walls and how much on her. Well so long from the land of milk and honey!

1:13 PM  
Blogger Margo said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

3:16 PM  
Blogger Margo said...

Well, I bet your suprised to hear from me!! I tried signing up on your blog before but for some reason it rejected me....story of my life heh?

It took Emma, our computer guru, to get me signed up right. So now I get to harrass you too!!

It's weird, Nick and I came up last night to your Mom's place and when I got up this morning I had to remind myself you weren't in your room sleeping - slacker.

Your adventures sound quite amazing. I envy you to some degree. I wouldn't want to deal with some of the stuff you described, even though I find it facinating to experience such diverse cultures. I sure enjoy your synopses and witt. Keep up the good work your doing with these kids, I know every one of them appreciate it in their own way, they just might not be able to express it or convey it to you.

To sum it up without getting 'mushey', I couldn't be more proud of you even if you were my own. Luv you lots and pray the rest of your trip is safe and as rewarding as the first part.


3:42 PM  
Blogger Betty & Russ said...

Hi Megan,

We all had a lovely Easter but the weather was awful so no Easter Egg hunts around here.

Sunshine today. Hope it lasts, I need to get a garden started.

Thnk about you often and enjoy reading about your adventures.

Love, Betty

1:40 PM  
Blogger meg smith said...

Thank you all for the notes, it was lovely hearing from you i can`t wait to see all of you!
Glad to hear Easter was great!

12:27 PM  
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