Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Hey everyone,.
Back home from Peru and in the midsts of culture shock, funny how the first thing i noticed in America is the announcements in the airport saying " You will be arrested if you threaten National Security." Oh, America the fearful!!! Though i became a little too excited when i realized i didn't need to do gymnastics to get in the bathroom, the lady thought i was nuts when i came out beaming. My plane from Costa Rica to Houston was delayed so i just had to stay in San Jose with Adrian. We had the best time and went to the International Dance Festival, his ballet company danced though he didn't dance that night. Forgot how fun San Jose is, plus there are brilliant handicapped accessible cabs. Anyway after a little detour, back home.
Before i left i went to Macchu Picchu and Cusco for three days. It was incredible, unlike Costa Rica which is gorgous, it seems like Peru has this majesty, even the poverty has a strange attraction to it. I went alone and just set up tours and such, i hired a Peruvian guy to piggy back me up Macchu Picchu. That was incredible and in all honesty there is no other way to see MP except on a guys back!!! He was an Inca trail tour guide so he was used to carrying kilos up the mountain with the altitude and he was very sweet. I figured if i was traveling there i might as well see all of it so anyone traveling with a disability this is a very plausible option. Also went on tours of the Sacred Valley and nearby villages and ruins. One village in particular is quite incredible, called Ollantatombo. The ruins there are amazing and there is a story of a warrior and princess that makes it even more fairy tale like. Living in Lima you forget what fresh air is like and what greenery looks like so Cusco was a much needed breath of fresh air.
It was hilarious traveling alone there, the Peruvians could not believe a disabled woman would travel alone. There was one point where i was trying to board a train and asked for some assistance and the train manager was saying 'Let's wait for your party" I responded with 'No I'm traveling alone thanks" which he then said "No really ma'am lets wait for your partner" then I said " Seriously, i am traveling alone". Anyway this went on for ten minutes until we had 5 minutes until the train left and i finally said to a nearby Scotsman, "God dammit please get me on the bloody train!" Nice bloke, he was a Scot named Ian, he laughed his head off when he realized why i was argueing with this guy.
Anyway other than altitude sickness it was an amazing trip.
The last day with my kids was heartbreaking, They finally called me Senorita Megan and seriously for not really liking children before i grew almost too attached to all of them. I don't cry easily but that day i was soaked. They through a party for me and gave me gifts, it was so incredibly hard to leave, when i was going out Mario wouldn't get off the back of my chair and Joshebel was strangling me by holding my neck so hard. I was a sight when i left, mascara all over. David just looked at me and said Good God! you were only there 2 months!! Yeah well David, Jade is sending me a picture of you when you leave!!! Let see who has the water works going then!!
Anyway, lovely to be home and i want to see all of you soon!


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I'm glad you're home-- and what an adventure you've had.

I had to laugh about the argument to get on the train-- I had a similarly frustrating argument when my kids were in the hospital-- the nurses and doctors wouldn't let Byron make medical decisions about the kids, or have any input, because (since we have last names) he wasn't their father. Even though we were all speaking English, it still took an amazing amount of time to get him recognized-- and the most infuriating part of this is that many of the women we were talking with didn't share last names with their husbands, either. grrrr.

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