Monday, May 22, 2006

Huacachina -Sand Duning- Nazca Lines-Peru
Jade in our Honeymoon Suite, (only room on ground floor)
The only road in Huacachina
ATV's we rode up to the sand dunes
Me at the only resturant in Huacachina -the Banana Shack
Sun going down when i wandered a bit to far from the hotel

Watching the sun go down over sand dunes

David, me, jade and another traveler on a sand dune overlooking Huacachina

Me going down a 100 foot sand dune in the ATV

David after a afternoon in the sun
Our Hotel

Jade already happy for the night

Our hotel

Road to Huacachina

The boardwalk around the oasis

Sand Dunes around hotel

Road to Huacachina

Sand Dunes in Early evening

Town of Pisco (yes, of the Pisco Sour)

Up in the airplane flying over Nazca lines

Jade and I in airplane, about to get sick

On Top of a sand dune we just surfed down

David sunbathing, as usual

Outside bedroom window

Getting lost near the town of pisco


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