Sunday, March 11, 2007

Well still off to Nepal for 3 months to work in an orphanage and to teach a bit of school, though as the time draws near i am getting a bit anxious. I suppose when i took off for Latin America i had naivity on my side. In truth i still do because Asia is so foriegn to me, yet in hindsight of the events that took place in Latin America, i know the potential of how things can go wrong!!
However, I am adventurous enough to take to heart Mark Twains quote, and there is no way i will "vegetate in one corner of the earth" for any period of my life.
Hell, if things become critical i will pay a man to carry me everywhere... such a hardship eh?:)
No, quite honestly it looks like for the beginning of my stay in Kathmandu i will be staying with a host family, and if that is too difficult either on me or the family i will stay in a local hostel which from the website looks fairly nice. I am a bit worried about transport. The director of my program told me i would be using the taxies, however the info from my Nepali friend at university the taxies are very small. So unsure about how my power chair will fit. Though in Peru i was able to fit the chair into the caravan type volkswagons., so who knows.
Anyway, will be an exciting adventure which may last only a few days if things dont go as planned or 3 months!!!!!!!


Blogger Emma Smith said...

Hey there Meggy,
Your loving and kind sister here, kind of ridiculous that I have to read your blog to know whats going on with you but I suppose it makes our realtionship "special". (No, not that kind of special...)If you posted more you may have more people reading your blog and I wouldn't have to constantly tell people (when they ask how you are) that I have little (actually no) commmunication with you and there guess about how you are is as good as mine. This always makes me look pretty bad, not to mention utterly self-absorbed. Which I may be, but I hate to look it, its such an average, normal teenage thing to be, so incredibly boring. Anyways, see you this weekend before you are off to Nepal. And what do you think about having Baklavas on Sat night? :) Cheers

10:15 AM  
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