Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hello All,
Lots has happened since the last post. I have now moved to Pokhara which is in central nepal and it is so much nicer. Much like a village though it is considered a city. And my god we arte at the base of the Himalayas, the Annapurna Range to be exact completely astounding. When i go to work at seven in the morning i am just accosted with this majestic beauty, and itr is so unassuming too. I walk this dirt road to the orphanage i worek at now and theres lush rolling hills, cows and cowshit everywhere as well as yaks. Thenm you look up and the clouds are at the base of the hills then these enourmous white mountains tower over you, very unreal. Anyways, very much enjoy Poklhara's village like feel, and when goiung along the road nowall i have to look out for are the yaks, cows and suicidal chickens that seem to periodically bash themseves into my wheels. Oh also the leeches, they are a bit frighteningfg. I a not kidding when i say that they run at you to leech onwhen it rains as it oftewn does here, i see then running towards my wheels, climbing then then trying to latch on, quite disconcerting. But i was told to take up smoking to burn them off w the tobacco, but i have settle with carrying around chewing tobacco. I work with another volunteer, Nikki, from England who is absolutely lovely. I really adore her and it seems as if we haave known each other for ages. Though i am faced with the age old problem of everyone referring to her and believing that she is my caretaker. People constantly ask her what kind of food\tea i like or want, if i need to go to the toilet, if i,m hot/tired/upset/ able to pee on my own/ can talk/etc etc. But at this point in life, i am too trired, too warn out, too hot and am too preoccupied with taking care of myselfd and working to really give a flying fuck. Though we look after each other, she helps me get in places and i go on 'dates' with nepali men that are a little too foeward, so i ward them off her,
Which reminds me, Nepali men are probably , this is very much generalizing, most irritating group of people i have ever known. Its almost indescribable what is so frustrating and insipid about them but just the fact that when i am reading a book outside, tey literally sit down beside me and stare at me. By the end of one chapter i accumulate at least 3 or 4. Plus it seems there is always alterior motives behind everything, plus they have noproblem driving my wheelchair without asking. The other day this abnoxious guy kewpt driving the chair whilst i was reading ad i kept slap[ping his hand saying 'no garne' (dont do that) and finally i gave him a huge slap in the face, far stronger than i had wanteed but it sort of stunned him and he went off.
Well, i am working with Nikki andl 27 kids, and i have finally questioned why exactly i am working with kids, not that i dont love them, just that i defenently will not be pursuing anything with kids later on. But i suppose this is where help is most needed. The kids at the orphanage i work at are all Tibetan, fromn a region called Upper Mustang. This region is so facinating because it liuterally isd an adjunct to tibet and is so so remote and desolate. the nepali gov, makes tourists pay at least 75 $ a day too visit because its quite dangerous and remote. Supposedly they even have their own kiing and queen, and really interesting fact is that when the elder brother marrys a woman shwe marries all the brothers in the family, different eh? The kidsa are rascals and are really wonderful but a very obvious hard life. The home is run by this darling monk, i love him to death, you feel the urge to just hug hi, when you meet him. I work 7-9 in the am and then i work at the managers office writing english brochures and info etc, then work from from 4-8 in the orphanage, not bad. Saturdays are holidays for the kids so today we took all of them to the lake which was lovely, i turned into a lobster though! The kids loved to swim and collect foish with their scarves, plus one mudhole really attracted them and it was quite hilarious to see 27 llttle naked children covered from head to toe ibn mud running accross the fields.

Still difficult but it is worth it, will be happy to come home and sure i will appreciate te struggle.
So happy to hear from you Chris your words are always so touching and good for the ego! Do hope to see you very soon!
Uncle Nicky!!! See your bored enough in meadow view (?) to check my blog!! just joking really really happy to hear from you, Yes i have not seen one handicapped person so maybe thats why i seem to be a rolling show as well as an ATM!;)
Miss Emma u got my email of secrets so that i hope will kep u occupied for a while!
love you all and please write, i am horrible at responsding but know i really really love notes.


Blogger Emma Smith said...

I will say, Mum and I are definitely the first people to read your blog when you post. She asks me at least 4 times a day if youv'e posted anything and expects me to check it at least 6 times per day. And in addition she checks it herself, I dunno 28 times per day, give or take a few. So we read it about 34 minutes after you post. Impressive eh? Have fun on your trek deary (Riding another poor man up a mountain!! It's shameful!) He He, you know I love it. Cheers, Emma

2:58 PM  
Blogger Chris Motley said...


It was wonderful to get the latest posting, and wonderful to hear that you are in what must be one of the most stunningly beautiful places on earth (I Googled some images of Pokhara and immediately became jealous). You keep saying how tired you are; those of us reading about what you're doing are amazed by how much you're doing. Fatigue seems not to slow you up: is it that you are managing to maintain your caffeine addiction over there? Whatever works.

I've been wondering what to get you as a coming home gift. Now I know: a spitoon! Can't wait to see you chawin' on some 'baccy!



12:23 PM  
Blogger elany said...

Well Megan,
Your blogs have become the long awaited drama for the week, like the old fashioned newsreels of yesteryear.... Luring us in with some far fetched exotic and extraordinary facts about some shangrila so far far away! I think you are going to miss it! You'll probably come back with dredlocks,torn jeans and a suntanned smile of satisfaction on your face!
What an adventure of a lifetime, I wish I was there with you in that raw state of roughing it which makes everyday the first day of the rest of your life!
Love Elany
I'm proud of you, girl!!

11:39 PM  
Blogger Emma Smith said...

So Meg, for a coming home gift I was thinking something edible...something you haven't had for a cake...almond cake..with chocolate ganache..mascarpone frosting.. and chocolate almond praline? Sounding good? Youv'e had it before, but if there is something else that catches your fancy be sure to tell me. (I will already have a triple cappacino waiting for you)Love you dear and see you soon, Emma

11:34 AM  
Blogger Betty and Russ said...

Hi Megan,

Just thinking about you and wishing you a Happy 4th of July.

Betty & Russ

9:35 AM  

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