Thursday, June 21, 2007

I remember this movie i watched when i was a kid 'Matilda' i believe? Anyway i feel like im turning into the evil headmistress Ms Hunchable(??) with my little children. The school disipline is much like if not worse than Peru, I was handed a long bamboo stick the other day and they told me to beat them if they got unruly. no worries the kids are not abused in the orphanage and are treated with love as far as the resources are available. But anyway, none of you would recognize me in under the tin cowshed roof where i teach, yelling at the kids, looking at them with that dominating look we all get from our mothers. So far its worked, this is not saying that i've lost my kindness :) but i have got surprisingly tough. Probably could be said irritable, my dear Emma you have competition now i believe :). But the bamboo stick was thrown away at the dismay of the orphanage aamaa (mother). My little collection of children is increasing from the origional 13 to now 17, some of the orphans bum from village to village living from hand to mouyth, working on locals sympathy, so when thewyv pass through thisa orphanage i get to harrangue them for a few days. Its so strange to see these 6 year old vagabonds, witrh a sac over their shoulder and knowing far too much of the world. My hours are irreguylar since i teach the whole day when the 'bandhs' are on in k'du and only after school when school opens.

I live in a good hostel thouygh there is a bloody korean nightclub above which loves to have kareoke a frikin night. The hostel is run solely by young men which is funny because supposedly they have never seen an american girl travel alone before and love to play with my chair. Their good guys and they usually buy me drinks after work, much needed, and talk about the japanese girls their in love with! Its very entertaining, plus one is madly in love with one of my friends from soka that lives here, so whenever i go out witrh her i try to invite him along.

thamel where i live is the tourist area so quite expensivce to eat, but i was extremerly happy to find a very local resturtaunt near me, it was a bit worriesome when one of the guys brought me there though. He is completely trustworthy but this resturaunt is down a dark sketchy ally filled with cannebis fumes, quite an adventure. But i can get a mountain of good spicy dal bhat with chicken for 60 ruppees ( 90 cents ) rather than the pasta or western food for 300.

Anyway, i am safe and doing alright for the moment, no worries really, ill talk to you all soon.

more updates soon,



Blogger Chris Motley said...


I'm not sure which email address you are using these days, so I guess I need to overcome my self-consciousness and post what I gather (and fear) will be a public response.

My apologies for being so long in writing. We are so moved by, and so in awe of, each posting from Nepal. How many realities there are that you have the courage to face, while most of us in the bubble known as the USA turn our faces the other way in some manner or another. Six year olds scrounging from village to village, vagabonds when they are barely children: it is unimaginable how things can get to such a point. Unimaginable, but nonetheless real. Your postings are such a gift to everyone who reads them, and can engender such a sense of deep and real humility: here we are, hung up on all sorts of so-called "problems" in our lives ("problems" that most of the world would love to have); and there you are, truckin' away in your all-wheel drive chair, engaging with the world in a way that is utterly inspirational.

Sometimes I truly believe that you are on the road to the best kind of fame: fame that inspires the rest of us to live with fullness, courage, and compassion. We feel so honored to know you, and to be able to follow from afar your journeys of body and spirit.


Chris, Trudy, Chiara & Dylan

2:21 PM  
Blogger Chris Motley said...


Yeah, I know it's disappointing to get 2 responses to the same blog from the same person. Another hardship you will have to endure.

I've been reading and re-reading your postings over this past weekend, finding myself alternating between awe, laughter, and tears. Your courage, honesty, compassion, and humor are about as inspirational as anything I can think of in the world these days. So I've taken to shamelessly promoting your blogsite to all those who are dearest to me. Hope you don't mind; knowing you, I certainly trust that it won't go to your head.

Love again


10:32 AM  
Blogger Uncle Nick said...

Well Miss Megan
All of the cool stuff I just wrote you got lost, silly me expecting my old account to still work "grrrr". Something you said earlier made me go "hmmmmm", and that is if the locals stare at you in your chair where do they hide their handicapped folks. Better watch out for the peeps with butterfly nets hehe. Rolling ATM I like that now roll on over my way. I have not heard from your Mum or Emma yet on their great Alaska trip and as for me well I no longer commute to the city. Company moved to Mountain View but I sure miss the "city" its just so boring here. Anyhow I try to post more if this works again.
Love Uncle Nick

7:17 AM  
Blogger Emma Smith said...

Hallo Deary,
I hope you are still surviving all right, I am sure you are..your pretty tough ;) So...I seriously hope you have some very exciting stories to email me. I am not listening to the constant fretting of our mother dearest without something in return. Kidding, she is doing ok. I have yet to recieve an email in return to the last one I sent but don't worry about it, you have much better things to with your precious time there. In fact if I do recieve an extensive email from you I will be very irritated. Enjoy yourself, experience everything you can while your there. Love you dear,

10:11 PM  

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