Friday, July 06, 2007

Completely and utterly satisfied!! If you've wondered where ive been for the last 5 days i have been trekking in the Himilayas. In the AnnaPurna Range to be exact. I know Emma, I mnust get over the habit of riding men up mountains :)! Really, it was quite unimaginable, no wheelchair, snoiwcapped mountains towering above utterly utterly astounding. I was a little anxious about going on a 5 day trek without my wheelchair, thus leaving me quite dependent, somthing everyone knows is my worst nightmare, but it was surprisingly freeing. No worries about rain, steps, the very creative and natural toilet situations. Plus i was with three men for the 5 days, no women which was an experience in itself. I hired two porters, Ganesh and Milo, then a guide Kharda, all of thewm have really brightened my outlook on nepali men i must say. They were so good and worked so hard, imagine 8 hours a day carrying me up incredibly unstable paths,through waterfalls and paths along mountainsides that i was saying goodbye to you all on. I know you all are thinking how about the toilet and such? Well, long skirts are a saviour and all they had to do was hold me up, but still they were so good about it. We stayed in these 'guest houses' which were nice, they had bed but they were in these makeshift barnyard style rooms with planks as walls. It was so so great to be up in the most remote villages because alot of times we stayed with families and it was so nice to be introduced into the 'real' nepali life. Ate amazing dal bhat, though it was really expensive since it was carried all the way up the mountain, also had thew most amazxing pickled marajuana seeds on potatoes. Marajuana is everywhere up there so i suppose it was found to be useful for more than one thing!
Anyway, my body is very sore fromthe bedsheet they tied around my bum then over their head, but the poor guys today left limping slightly they were so sore!! Poor things, i will mioss them they were good guys, they all had kids even though they were very young and they were very funny. Everyone would take the piss out of milo in the morning because he looked like the infamous yeti of the himilayas when he got up in the morning.
At the very top of the trek i was able to see full view of the Anna purna range, it was freezing but so aweinspiring, got many photos biut doubt it will do justice. Anyway will share more once returning home, i will work for the next few days then if all goes well will be home within a week or two.
Love you all and thank you for the notes, i can't wait to see each and every one of you!


Blogger Emma Smith said...

HA HAH!! I have the first comment! Naturally I would, I was woken up this moring by an excited Mummy informing me that Megan had a new blog. So instead of my usual grunting and quiet swearing at being woken up at 8:30 in the morning :) I got up and posted a comment on my dearest sister who takes great pleasure riding men up mountains. (and she's upgraded to two at a time!!) Love you dear, see you soon, Emma

8:50 AM  
Blogger Barbara said...

Hello Megan,
I thought we were going to meet in Delhi, but understand why you went straight home! Maybe on your next trip we can meet.
I was lucky to stay with Sovahn in your neighborhood! She is married to my cousin and my brother, Tom lives near by. I had
visited him in Downieville many years ago. The area where you all
live is really beautiful, but doesn't compare to the Himalayas!!
I was 11 when we first came to India and lived in Udaipur. My sister and I went to Woodstock school which is situated above Dehra Dun. I was there for 6 years and then came back to USA where I met my Indian husband and we have lived in Delhi since 1967. My brothers were at Woodstock for 2 years and then we all went back to Ohio, where I met my husband, Chaman. Now I travel to meet my daughter and family in California and my son and family in Dubai.
Look forward to your future adventures!

Barbara, New Delhi 10:30am

10:09 PM  

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