Sunday, September 19, 2010

I am becoming a normal human being. well a least a normal woman in her twenties. I realised as i was surrounded by 16 and 17 year olds taking my driving test (written), I skipped a few steps in the development process and now must retrace. In making my childhood home my hermitage for the past few months I realised I had been travelling somewhat consistently since 15, coming home for no more than several weeks. While I am absolutely sure that leaving at 15 and all the travels have been the best thing for me, i now need to catch up on things i didn't do. Top of the list sits driving. I find it quite hilarious that after jumping out of planes, riding death cabs all over the world and zip lining with little more than a bed sheet, ha i am scared shitless o drive.
I suppose it is because i must now rely solely upon my somewhat temperamental body to control a vehicle that could very well kill me or others. Now I've done some very stupid, life threatening things in my life (a record of them is on this blog hahah) but it seems in those instances that i could rationalise it to where if i was injured in a riot in Nepal or in he mountains of Peru there was a slight cool factor, but injuring myself by rear ending a car on a grass valley roadway. not so romantic.
At any rate, the public shall not fear as after my lesson with the adaptive driver rainer, i discovered I'm a surprisingly good and safe driver.
On another note, as i left my town eagerly and was no exactly ino he high school scene, i know very few people my age. But i also realised tha as i am so accustomed to travelling every few months I have very little practice in having those normal, daily relationships (romantic or otherwise). Funnily i realised i could always use "Well, is been nice but I'm leaving the country next week". I'm actually not THAT bad but it's the same kind of sentiment, that i am now having to look a prospecive relationships as long term ones that require work and effort. At any rate, despite being jobless and having friends in a variety of timezones I am content to start my cozy hibernation in my forest enclosed mountain house with the lovely cool gray weather.


Blogger Kay L. Davies said...

Meg, congratulations on being a good driver. I waited until I was 18 to learn to drive because of the same kind of fear of being in charge of all that power. Then I needed to be able to drive in order to get a job with a daily paper, and lo and behold, I could do it.
Good luck with the relationship thing. I'm sure you will do well, and won't run away to Timbuktu at the first sign of commitment. You're an intelligent and well-informed woman, much better equipped to enter into friendships (and beyond) than teenagers who are apt to jump right into the first available bad situation.
-- K

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