Monday, June 02, 2008

I'm back writing again, though it is not from some exciting place in the middle of the Himilayas or Latin America. Just Washington DC. As i write I am a bit bored stiff sitting in the Subcommittee on International development office, though seems like everyone is frantically rushing around doing very important things I'm sure....
I was put right to work this morning doing some spanish translation from letters from Cuba to Barak Obama, which was interesting. I realized my technical spanish wasn't too good though it all came out pretty good. I was actually quite surprised at how easy it was, suppose all those years paid off, it will be so great if I could really get a solid spanish basis with all the practice here.
Anyway, I really love DCthe city itself, have been all opver the city this weekend which was so lovely, since I can get everywhere so easily. It was funny, this morning i came into woerk by metro and seemed to blend in (besides the wheelchair) with all the suits. I never imagined myself with a starbucks coffee, suited up, with a newspaper being one of the masses, going to my government office job haha! Don't even need to get out of the country to experience an entirely different culture eh??
Its interesting though, i will be going to a breakfast briefing with the Iraqi parliment tomoerrow, then to a hearing on Guantonomo Bay. I think this committere is really going to be great, it covers such a wide spectrum of policy. Today, because of my teaching experience abroad, got called in to help out witth a new legislative bill where the US is offering 30,000 scholarships to students from underdevelolped countries to study here. It was great though at how plainly they stated their motive "To promote a positive image and repair past actions of the US". Well at least their honest about it.
Well I'm living in a apartmenty at George Washington, which is really great, theres lots of stuff arounfd and its close to the metro, plus I have a full kitchenb so me and my friend are going to be cooking there a l;ot, especially since food is expensive. No idea why but i think having adishwasher and a stove plus having to buy groceries has made me feel likean adult,. Funny thing how wierd things like that can do that to you. An yway, better figure out something to do besides blogging, don't think trhey will be too happy about that