Saturday, January 20, 2007

Just a little update, my application is in and just got confirmation on my acceptance. So looks like a green light, however as i tell everyone i cant say im definently going until im on the plane but it looks good. I signed up for a position at the medical post in a northern village but they said they would recommend me teaching in a school once again or working in a home foer people with disabilities. Very much like what i have done in the past but as ive found out you can make anything an amazingly new experience. So the only shitty aspect is that it will cost 1200 for a plane ticket, but so worth it.
Looks like no electricity and cold bucket showers (ohhh how i have missed thee), so looking for portable generators for my wheelchair. Amazing what you can do with the right tools.....
So at this point just vamping up the communication and triple checking any details that would prevent my going..
Ahhhhhhhh, happy......

Monday, January 15, 2007

Hello Everyone,
Well it has been ages since i last blogged and no one reads this anyomore but for those that do, it looks like my next destination is Nepal. After being at university for some months im getting severe travelers itch, so looks like nepal for three months is going to scratch it. It's looking like ill be interning for Hands for Help Nepal, in the sustainable development arena, perfect eh?
But it's not set in stone and for those who know my travel plans they seem to inevitably change, though it looks like this one is pretty solid.
Thought i would share my friends metaphor for my traveling itch, she said,' It's like when you travel you continually fall in love, with the people, culture and everything about the country your in. And when you leave you are heartbroken, the only way for you to get over your last love (country) is to go on to the next." I thought it as pretty acurate and quite funny so anyways, hopefully my next lover will be Nepal.
We will see................